About Peps Blogging

About Peps Blogging Services

I’ve been blogging since 2017 and friends know my blogs. Seeing that, they’re asking if I do websites. At first, I’m hesitant because blog is just fun part time when you’re doing nothing and delivering projects could be a strain. Since many were asking already, I’m telling myself to give it a shot. It is also a way of helping those who wants their business to be online but doesn’t have a technical know how in budget friendly manner.

What happened next was a blast. Beginning 2nd quarter of 2019, I’ve already got 5 projects and more coming up.

My services includes end to end blog or website setup

  • Domain registration
  • Hosting
  • Web Design (per se)
  • Marketing (to my blogs and social media)
  • Search Engine Optimizations

These services are really budget friendly and insanely low. You can only get it here from PBS!

Thanks to a friend who pushed me to get this started. I find it fun on my part! 🙂

If you’re interested, please like and share my Facebook page, I’m posting there seasonal promotions.