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plugins used in my blogs

Who cares? Haha! To some it doesn’t mean a thing, to other some, it could be a big deal. There are even scanners for website what plugins they’re using. Well.. There are functionalities WordPress has not put to the core. The use of plugins extends those functionality that is missing but you’re needing in your […]

favorite wordpress plugins

Most of times I do the coding behind the scene, however there are quick needs that you wan’t those existing and ready to plug feature in your site fast so you don’t need to develop code from the ground which takes time. So plugins is handy on this case. One downside of plugins though is […]

stylish font for your blog images

If you want to style texts  like the titles, captions or texts inside images easy as 1-2-3 and really amazing, you can do it fast via Flaming Text. This is an online text designs (actually a logo design) and you can download right away finished designs which you can add later on to your image […]