Stylish font for your blog images and texts

August 27, 2019 by ag molde • 0 Comments

stylish font for your blog images

If you want to style texts  like the titles, captions or texts inside images easy as 1-2-3 and really amazing, you can do it fast via Flaming Text. This is an online text designs (actually a logo design) and you can download right away finished designs which you can add later on to your image editor softwares, it even works with Microsoft Powerpoint. I personally used this in my blogs, so sharing you this tip.

1. Flaming Text site

Goto Flaming Text.  On the first screen enter some text then click “Get Started”. Flaming text has self self explanatory step by step navigation. All you have to do is, when your done in that tab, just click next, next and so on. There is also a  back button if you want to change something in previous steps.

Stylish font for your blog

2. Make it transparent

The next important thing I would like to emphasize is to make the background transparent. You can do lot of things with transparent background like overlaps and overlays. In the “Background” tab, change the type to “Transparent”.

Stylish font for your blog

3. Amazing result in minutes

Here is the simple result with what you can do with styling the font and add it to your images.

Stylish font for your blog

There are many other similar online and offline apps like Flaming Text, just that, this one is a favorite, simple interface and easy to use with amazing final result.